DG Architectural Consulting is pleased to provide consulting services for the design, development and building industry focusing on the following areas:

  • Site zoning analysis and yield studies for potential new development sites
  • Pre-design consulting for land or building acquisition during the “due diligence” period prior to purchase
  • Design consultation and collaboration to assist in defining project programs, features, innovations and other design goals
  • Design and planning consulting in the preparation of design and entitlement documents
  • Code and quality control review and assistance during preparation of the project documents
  • Project Architect assistance to the design team during the project plan development and construction document phases
  • Project assistance to process and obtain building permits and code modifications
  • Pre-construction review of project A&E team plans and specifications for Owner exposures, inefficiencies, potential cost savings and “lessons learned” advice
  • Architectural review of Contractor bid proposals, pay draws and change orders
  • “During Construction” services including on-site architectural representation and other professional architectural services as needed
  • Expert witness services to analyze architectural and related construction design claims and assess Owner or design team legal exposures

From pre-development site studies, due diligence research, entitlement representation, to peer review and during construction services, DG Architectural Consulting is able to serve as the client’s adjunct architectural division on an on-call project basis.  DG’s clients get seasoned architectural expertise at their fingertips with no long term obligation.